Krismis in Cape Town

I was fortunate enough to photograph a play at Artscape this week. I just LOVE shooting in the theatre, especially when there is great lighting and design. ‘Krismis van Map Jacobs’ is the Afrikaans matric setwork this year, and it is currently showing as a play at the Suidoosterfees. You can find out more at

Here is my favourite shot from the shoot. David Johnson showing off his guns as the health freak.


Dinner under a tree

I just can’t seem to find decent placemats anywhere. I have some fabric ones at the moment, but they get dirty very quickly (with spilled food) and it doesn’t always come out in the wash. I want easy, designer, wipe clean placemats please!

I love this quirky one, found on

Capturing Committment

Yesterday I went to do a venue scouting with Emily and Geoff, who will be getting married next month. They have bestowed the honour upon me of capturing their committment on the big day and I’m very flattered. I’ve practised shooting at weddings before, but I’m usually a guest and so there isn’t any pressure. I’m very excited to shoot my first full wedding! Stay tuned for the report back!

Photographic Journal

I was just inspired by a blog called Todd Selby has been taking pictures of his friends in the fashion world for the past few years and has turned them into a book. Well, I’m very fortunate to be surrounded by fabulous, amazing people quite often, and I think it could be interesting to keep a record of the behind-the-scenes experiences. I usually am too busy to pick up my camera, but I will try, and it’s a good incentive to keep my photography skills going. I did my second DSLR course at Cape Town School of Photography last year, which helped me improve greatly, but as soon as the pressure of homework is gone, it’s difficult to keep up the practice, unless there is an exciting event to lug my big camera to.

So my first photo of this new journal is in tribute to Queen Tinarie who has bravely shaved her head to play Cleopatra, in ‘Anthony and Cleopatra at Maynardeville, an annual Shakespearian experience, on until February 20th in Cape Town

Tinarie Van Wyk Loots going over her lines in The Little Theatre during the 2009 Mechanicals season.