Rustic Rubbish

One of my recent jobs was to do publicity shots of a well-known play, Samuel Beckett’s  Endgame which was performed at The Intimate Theatre, Cape Town in August and directed by my multi-talented friend, actor and director, Luke Ellenbogen.

If you didn’t know already, Luke’s parents are actors too, and were perfect for the role as the older couple, and so to cut a long story short, he chucked his folks into the rubbish bins and ordered them around respectfully and professionally directed them.


Liz Szymczak and Nicholas Ellenbogen in ENDGAME


And while that is a great story and I got some awesome photo’s of Luke’s folks in the trash making kissy faces, I owed Luke a birthday present, which is the important bit!

I recently came across TradeMark Frames, which I decree the new rustic chic, and while gorgeous and my new favourite thing, do look like they have been made from or dug out from a rubbish bin. How convenient! You may see where this is going….

I went to meet Mark, him being the second half of the Trade, and found out that he and his daughter, Jessica Hilltout, are also responsible for the droolworthy new book about grassroots football, Amen – seriously check out this book, it’s fantastic!

All in all, a very successful  day with a couple extra things ending up in my shopping bag, and don’t Luke’s folks look cute in this frame?


Birthday Tea Party

Spring is here and a great way to celebrate a girly birthday is a tea party, especially one with such beautiful things to admire, photograph and then eat 🙂

What a gorgeous teacup collection! Anybody for a coconut marshmellow?

The delicious cupcakes were made with flavours of lavender and lemon and topped with a sprig of lavender or lemon zest.

Can you believe all these flowers were picked from the garden?

How else would you make so many cakes and treats, but with freshly laid eggs from Freckle the pet chicken!