The Fugard Theatre

If you haven’t been to The Fugard Theatre yet, there is a treat in store for you, and if you have, it may be one of your favourite new places, as it is mine!

The theatre is comprised of the Congregational Church Hall on Buitenkant street (1860) and the Sacks Futeran building, a well known home for textiles from the days of District 6. Would you like a tour?

I have been doing a number of shoots of theatre productions over the last year, but this was my first opportunity to shoot the building itself, and what a building! I have a little crush….

Let’s take a little walk upstairs

There is the rehearsal room on your left…

What about a peek into the dressing room?

The theatre hosted the international touring production of Waiting for Godot in 2010 and here some of the stars’ signatures grace the walls, I’m sure they will fill up quickly. Impressed yet? But you haven’t seen the roof!

Tap tap, ‘scuse me, look behind you!

Ahem, yes… that is THAT mountain

Hope you enjoyed the tour and it entices to go and see some great theatre. Go to to see what is on stage at the moment.



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