Rehearsal: Die Laaste Karretjiegraf

The cast and crew of Athol Fugard’s most recent production are hard at work preparing for the world premiere of his first ever Afrikaans play. Directed by Fugard himself, it opens at The Fugard Studio as part of the Suidoosterfees on  25 January 2013.







Ivan Abrahams JesseKramer-250

Cast: Erica Wessels, Ivan Abrahams, Riaan Visman, Richard September, Ephraim Gordon, Kim Pietersen

Booking through Computicket or The Fugard Theatre 021 461 4554



                                                                                                                                                                The theatre has been Jesse Kramer’s second home since she was a child. This collection of theatre performance portraits showcases the young photographer’s gift of capturing the magic of live performance. A colourful  and dynamic mix of performance styles from opera to stand-up comedy in all of Cape Town’s  well-known theatres gives the audience insight into the sacred, unpredictable moments on stage which draw people to the theatre.

Kramer has made an impressive mark on the theatre scene, having worked with the likes of Athol Fugard and Sir Antony Sher,  shooting Sher’s portrait for the poster image of Broken Glass at The Fugard Theatre and  Vaudeville Theatre on the West End last year.

The photographs are all in limited editions of 20 with signed archival prints available to purchase.

The exhibition can be viewed at 6 Spin Street Restaurant, Monday to Friday between 10am & 10pm, and on Saturdays between 5pm & 10pm until the end of July 2012.

6 Spin Street Restaurant is situated on the ground floor of a beautiful Sir Herbert Baker building facing Church Square in central Cape Town.


Textures can really help make an interesting photo, they can even evoke an emotional response in us. My first texture inspirations probably came from looking through my Dad’s photographs which he took while studying Textiles, pages upon pages of slides of textures in nature which are a great inspiration for designing patterns.

I love interesting textures, the more aged and weathered, the better. They tell a history of a place or object and if you look really closely, can have wonderful sculptural qualities. Over the past couple weeks, I’ve been lucky enough to have some really interesting textures playing a supporting role to the productions I have been  photographing.

And so without further ado, I present textures from The Birdwatchers supporting the cast of Sean Taylor, Dorothy Ann Gould and Guy de Lancey in a play by Athol Fugard.

Textures from nature, although only one of the four above is natural…  can you tell which one?

Next on the bill, are the wonderful supporting walls of the Little Theatre 😉

Yes, they are not the prettiest, and I must admit they have spoilt quite a few good shots. So last week, Director Chris Weare,  made a brave & momentous decision to paint these walls black. There were a few gasps from the current students, and on closer inspection you can see why.

Students and actors have been throwing their hearts and souls into hundreds of productions here for eighty years! The history is literally written on the walls.

Apparently the first production in this theatre was Anton Chekov’s The Seagull in 1931, and the oldest graffiti I came across was The Cherry Orchard in 1944.

Thanks to Chris Weare for having the care and foresight to document this history, I loved having the opportunity to capture it!

Rehearsal: Fugard at The Fugard Theatre

Athol Fugard is in town! Actor, writer, director and South African legend, known for his plays such as Boesman and Lena (1969); Master Harold…and the Boys (1982) and the author of Tsotsi (1980).  We are privileged to have him on home soil while he directs his newest play,  The Bird Watchers, where else but at The Fugard Theatre.

I spent some time in rehearsal with the cast & crew last week. It is certainly one of the most beautiful rehearsal rooms in the world, and houses the original Congregational Church windows which cast such gorgeous light.

The Bird Watchers will run at The Fugard Theatre  from 10 May – 4 June 2011.